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Connect with the environment when posing

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Connect with the environment when posing

Always be prepared! Beautiful places are all around us!

If you had read about how to Pose naturally at a photo shoot in the previous post,

and wonder what happened next, I would like to share with you some things I noticed and might be useful to share.

This photoshooting took place under an abandoned hydroplane hanger located on a margin of Ticino river, in Pavia. The area looked like a jungle. Boats were passing nearby, people having wine were saluting us and we started.

Model posing with sun shines reflected on her red hair having a dreamy expression with eyes closed and hair accesorise posing in the nature

There was an interesting element in the middle of the nature. An old railway used to load the airplanes into the hanger definitely attracted our attention.

Model in an urban elegant little shiny black dress with a bag posing barefoot on some railways in the nature

So why not use it?

More than being focused on how to pose my mind was busy thinking on how to interact with it.

One of the outfits was a classy black dress and barefoot. The place gave me a calming effect.

I had a peculiar sensation while I was wearing an urban outfit and exploring the railways of the past.

The golden hour was the cherry on top of the cake in terms of inspiring landscape.

Anywhere you are and want to take photos is a good idea to take advantage of the potential of this time of the day.

The reflection of the light on the water and the general golden glow motivated us to go the extra mile.

The model, Eastern European looking, posing near a grapfiti wal near a dolar symbol wearing sunglasses

You know your photo shooting was a success if at the end of the day you don’t feel exhausted but inspired.

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