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Professional Photo Shooting - Pose naturally

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Pose naturally at a photo shoot

You might find yourself in need to update their portfolio as the seasons change. Some find great inspiration outdoor in order to update with a batch of new photos.

Red Hair Eastern European Singer wearing a white dress with flowers holding a hat in a hand looking at a camera

Photo by Jill Dobkin

I have my thoughts before I start a photo shoot. Will it be nice, will I be able to give the best of me and really manage to have a few good shoots at the end of the day? You know, these kind of thoughts.

As always, before a photo shoot I was rehearsing all the poses and tips in the book: facial expressions, chin awareness, relaxed hands, creative placements and ways to create interesting shapes.

Back in my college years, I did contemporary dance so I had already tested my body’s expressiveness.

Headshot red hair actress looking at the camera from the left side

Look around for possible interesting texture and geometry when you make your reshearch outside.

The atmosphere will warm up by the sun light as you reach the golden hour.

Select the items you want to use in order to fit well with the color of the space.

Red hair actress wearing a white dress with folowers holding the hat on her head while having a dreamy expression

Use everything you have around and make the best out of it

Use accessories and be playful with them, have fun!

Use scarfs, hats, rings, necklaces and whatever feels nice to you. That you help you relax and find new ways of posing by using them.

If you liked this article, stay tuned for the next one, Connect with your environment when posing and don't forget to share and show some love!

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